Play in A Day

For a unique one day programme join our Play in a Day experience. In this workshop, our members will put on their very own performance in just one day!

The Great Zodiac Race
Monday, February 4th 2019
For Ages 8 to 12

We all know the great animals of the Chinese zodiac and each year we celebrate and honor a different one. The Tough Dragon, The Cheeky Monkey, The Sly Snake and this year the Hardworking Horse. But how exactly did they all earn their place in the zodiac circle? We will journey back in time and witness the Great Zodiac Race that will determine which animals are victorious!

Early Bird Fee: $790 on registrations before January 25th
Regular Fee: $890 after January 25th

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About the Day
We start at 10.00am and after some initial warm-up activities, members of Play in a Day will then quickly start to work on casting, characterisation, line-learning, rehearsing, blocking, prop-development and performing. Everyone has to think on their feet, problem-solve and promote a team spirit to inspire all to achieve their best.

Just 7 hours later, at 5.00pm, the group performs their play in front of an audience! Each participant can invite two guests to share the magic of Play in a Day!

Participants need to have some theatrical experience and everyone must be prepared to make the effort required, throw themselves in and be prepared to try new things!

How To Register
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