One Block For Batug

Faust has been working closely with this grass-roots charity based in the Barungay of Batug in Leyte, Philippines called One Block for Batug. At each of our holiday programmes (Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter & Summer) we do a book collection where children can bring a book to donate, and then have the option of purchasing a new book for HK$20. All proceeds from the sale go to One Block for Batug and any books left over also get sent over to the village.

Through the generous donation of our members and staff we have helped achieve the following:
In addition we have been very hands on with the work, with our staff member Claire, Naomi & Jasmin visiting the village to witness first-hand the wonderful work this charity is doing, as well as seeing what a difference the donations from Faust have made. The school is so grateful for the support, and it is wonderful to see the children using and interacting with the books and resources (they previously had none as they were lost in the typhoon). It is also an amazing feeling to visit a family who now have their own house due to the generosity of Faust’s Hong Kong members. The children really enjoyed their drama workshops and it was a great experience for them, and us!