Yat Fung Leung (Karl)

Tell us your Faust Story!
I don’t know where to start! The whole journey with Faust is such a blur of fun and non-stop craziness. I used to have Faust every Saturday morning, and I remember feeling excited every time; I couldn’t wait to come in.

What is your earliest Faust memory?
My earliest Faust memory was when I tried my first 5-day summer camp. It was the final day and I was in the middle of a play directed by Keon, wearing these sunglasses.

What is your favourite Faust memory?
My favourite Faust memory was when I was part of one of the plays, and some of us (me and a few of my fellow Faust friends) took a selfie backstage. I think it’s lost now, but it was a fond memory of companionship just before we were on stage for a scene.

What was your biggest challenge in participating and leading in drama workshops and productions?
In the beginning, the biggest challenge was to build up the confidence to stand up on a stage. It felt silly and weird at first. But once I got over that fear and anxiety, it was really freeing and fun to be in front of a crowd. Still nerve wracking, but fun.

What did you gain from your experience at Faust as a student and / or as a leader?
Before Faust, I was a quiet kid. I wasn’t as proactive as I am now. Faust granted me the confidence to express myself. My parents would sometimes say that I used to be a quiet boy, and now I just won’t shut up.

How did studying Drama and Theatre impact your life?
It allowed me to be more expressive and better with my words, and also know how to communicate better with people. It’s super strange to say, but acting in front of an audience really taught me how to communicate more effectively with individuals, like my peers.

How would you describe Faust to someone new to drama and theatre?
Faust is a safe space to explore drama and theatre. It’s a place to express yourself without pressure, and it’s a fantastic introduction to the world of drama. I never regretted a single moment when at Faust, and it really shaped me to what I am today.