About Us

Assistant Leaders

We’re very proud of our excellent team of dedicated professionals who work for Faust. They bring a wealth of experience to each workshop benefiting all involved.

Michael Khan – Assistant Leader
Born and raised in Hong Kong, Michael is a multilingual performer and TEDx speaker who joined Faust in 2020. He graduated with honours from City University of Hong Kong with a BA in English Studies and MSc in Marketing Science. He is a public speaker, actor, emcee, voice talent and creative writer. He was brought up in performance and dance troupes, touring in schools, churches and community venues, where he discovered a passion for creativity and working with children. He runs youth education & inclusion advocacy projects and splits time between teaching, academic research, multimedia, performance and study. He is a former champion in the English Speech competition of the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival and named by the LOOP HK lifestyle news in its “30 under 30 list” of 2019. He performed at Hong Kong City Hall in April 2023 in Great Expectations and appears in an upcoming Hong Kong movie titled Today…Tomorrow…

Dahye Kwak – Assistant Leader
Dahye began her journey in performing arts in 2021. She has joined diverse projects ranging from musical theatre productions at the City University of Hong Kong to a mass dance program at Tai Kwun Arts Festival. Apart from performing, she enjoys watching different genres of films and musicals. Dahye looks forward to having a chapter of her theatre journey at Faust International Youth Theatre, sharing her knowledge and experiences with the youth.

Myka Marie Juliana Molo – Assistant Leader
Myka is currently studying Architecture at City University of Hong Kong, but she hopes to pursue the performing arts in the future. Theatre has been a part of her since she was very young. In the past few years, she has taken part in various musicals with youth theatre, Teatro Filipino, with the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation, where she performed in Fame, and recently in CityU Musicals’ RENT. These experiences provided her not only a more in-depth knowledge on the ins and outs of theatre (blocking, lighting, stage projection) but it also expanded her fascination and desire to learn more about theatre production. Myka is ecstatic to be part of Faust and to share her experiences and learnings with young dreamers.

Ika Adiriyanto – Assistant Leader
Ika is a dynamic theatre enthusiast with a background in developmental psychology. Her love for children, coupled with her passion for sharing enriching learning experiences, has driven her to create memorable moments for young minds. With her experience in performing drama and designing stage props, she brings creativity to each workshop. She is a caring and highly motivated person who is committed to provide creative support and a positive learning environment to our young actors at Faust.

Isabella Chandrasekar – Assistant Leader
Born and raised in Hong Kong, Isabella is a language enthusiast in her second year of English studies. She is passionate about helping young students discover themselves and grow to their full potentials through the arts. As a part of her high school’s student union, she was given the opportunity to assist in events such as talent contests, which allowed students to showcase themselves through various acts, ranging from musical performances to drama. She also volunteered as an English tutor for children, and enjoyed every moment spent with her students. Isabella hopes to continue sharing her love of learning at Faust!